Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bridesmaids Gift Guide 2013: Bangles by Kate Spade

Bridesmaids Gift: Bangles by Kate Spade by Nina Renee Designs

A great gift for your bridesmaids that won't break the bank at $58. These designer 'best friend ever' bangles by Kate Spade also have cute phrases like 'peas in a pod' and 'two of a kind.' A simple and easy gift...nice!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Royal Blue} Wedding Style Color Inspiration

{Royal Blue} Wedding Style Color Inspiration by Nina Renee Designs

Vibrant, rich, blue? Absolutely! This color goes well with this seemingly modest Bari Jay bridesmaid's dress, until she turns around and you get that awesome peek-a-boo back. Add silver and blue accessories to complete this gorgeous glam look.

Earrings: Nina Renee Designs
Clutch: Fallen Sparrow
Dress: Bari Jay
Shoes: Nina Shoes via Nordstrom's

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{Fabulous Eco-Friendly} Flower Girl Dresses

Not only does Armour sans Anguish design gorgeous bridesmaid's dresses handmade from recycled fabrics, but, mini romantic versions of those dresses for flower girls, too...fantastic! The lace details are the perfect touch for little girl dresses, plus, you get to help the planet, too.

Monday, June 10, 2013

{Simple + Glamorous} Bridal Style

Gorgeous gowns by Cristiano Lucci are the perfect mix of glam, chic and simple. My favorite is the 2nd gown....oh, my....those sleeves are perfectly & fabulously detailed.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

{Mint, Coral + Gold} Bridesmaid's Style

{Mint, Coral + Gold} Bridesmaid's Style by Nina Renee Designs

There's a reason why mint, coral and gold are popular colors for weddings recently....individually and together, they are fabulous. So modern + fresh!

Dresses: JLM
Bouquet: Bryan Butler; Bouquet Photo Credit: First Comes Love Photo
Bridesmaid's 'friendship' gift tags: Nina Renee Designs

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{The Great Gatsby} Bridal Style

{The Great Gatsby} Bridal Style by Nina Renee Designs

I love the glamorous style of the roaring 20' was true elegance at it's best. Which is probably why we are still drawn to those gorgeous styles in wedding trends today. Also, many wedding industry designers are offering retro styles to feed the obsession with the glamorous past...including me!

{The novel (written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald) and the latest movie adaptation, The Great Gatsby, is described as "a cautionary tale of the decadent downside of the American dream..."}

Earrings: Nina Renee Designs
Bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings
Wedding Dress: Suzanne Neville
Shoes: Nina via Nordstrom's