Monday, June 11, 2012

{Eco-Friendly Gorgeousness} Bridesmaid's Style

If your wedding style is rustic, romantic, bohemian and nature inspired, you just have to check out these bridesmaid's dresses by Armour sans Anguish via Oakland, California! These dresses are handmade, custom and eco-friendly...constructed entirely from recycled and salvaged materials. A perfect choice for the earth loving bohemian bride.

Just make sure to order as soon as you can since there is a 6 month wait for your pretties to be custom made for your girls....the designer is very busy and I certainly see why...beautiful stuff!


Jennifer Convertino said...

How do I find these dresses???? Please help!! Email

Nina said... can get the dresses here:

Hope this helps!

Nina :-)

Anonymous said...

where can you get these dresses and order them i can't find them anywhere not even pintrest how much are they

Nina said...

You can get the dresses here: