Thursday, April 26, 2012

{Fabulous Keepsake Idea}: Custom Bridal Gown Sketches

Wedding Gift Trend: Custom Bridal Gown Sketches by Nina Renee Designs
I firmly believe in keeping the things you love displayed throughout your home ...for little shots of joy throughout the day :). So, if you *love* your gown and what it symbolizes, you may want to consider as a art piece...a custom bridal gown sketch. So much more practical than having your actual gown on display :).

But, where would that gorgeous sketch go? a beautiful frame on your home or office desk...or... on your dresser among other pretty trinkets....or, on your vanity with your make up and other girly things...or... in your craft room for a bit of inspiration.....or, within a wall collage of the bride's dress/accessory details photos... the possibilities for creativity are endless.

One of my favorite trends thus far...a custom sketch of the bride's wedding gown...brilliant...

#1 & #3 by Megan Hamilton Weddings
#2 & #4 by Gownsketch

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