Friday, March 25, 2011

{New} The Most Glamorous Bridal Bracelets

Spring is here...and so are these new pretties in my shop...yay!

I absolutely *love* making bracelets...definitely one of my faves as far as jewelry making goes. A bracelet is the accessory you can go bold with, and still not be too overpowering. Love them!

Check them out here (l-r):
1. Freshwater Pearls + Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
2. Chunky Glam Bracelet
3. Modern Vintage Glam Bracelet
4. Statement Glam Bracelet


Lady Blackwood said...

How would I go about ordering one of your fabulous bracelets? I love the one in the bottom right corner!!

nina (anita) said...

Thanks, Lady! Check out the link listed above...#4 Statement Glam Bracelet :-)