Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{Eco-Friendly} Bridesmaids' Gift Guide

{Bridesmaids' Gift Guide Part IV}

Gorgeous, thoughtful...and earth conscience, too. If you are a tree-hugging type of bride, you will want to give your maids some fantastic (& stylish!) green gifts. Nowadays, you can find fabulously earth-friendly gifts that won't break the bank...

Mineral Make-up by Pink Quartz Minerals
Vegan Soap Gift Packs by DeShawn Marie
Natural Perfume Oil by For Strange Women
Bamboo Shawl by Anny May
Jute Tote Bag by Monograms Markings and More
Bamboo Earrings by Isette


DeShawn Marie said...

What a wonderful selection!! Love it, thanks so much for including my soap gift. :-)

nina said...

You're welcome!


Anny said...

Wow! So beautiful!!!
I love your selection!
Going to facebook your lovely blog!
Thanks a lot!!

nina said...

No problem Anny...thank you, too! :-)