Friday, December 11, 2009

Bridesmaid's Gift Guide: 4 Gift GivingTips

Gift Giving 101:
(1) Know your Bridesmaids. Make sure your gift is something that fits her personality and tastes. Sounds easy....but if your tastes differ, you may be tempted to choose a gift that you love instead of a gift that she'll love.

Personalized Gift Tags by Nina Renee Designs

(2) Make the Packaging Nice. Whether the gift is expensive or not, it shows that you are thoughtful & care about the all of the tiny details. Even good old-fashioned gift wrap is fabulous!

Silk Drawstring Bags via Martha Stewart Weddings

(3) Add a handwritten thank you message. Again, it's all in the details. Plus, it's personal and special to each individual girl.

Handwritten Bridesmaids' Note via Martha Stewart Weddings

(4) Wedding Day Jewelry/Accessories. If you choose this as a gift for your maids, make sure that the jewelry/accessories are wearable beyond the wedding day. If possible, choose neutral special occasion colors like gold, clear, silver or black.

Gold Necklace + Earrings Set by
Nina Renee Designs (coming to my shop soon!)

Happy Friday everyone...did you enjoy the gift guide this week? I hope so :-)

Have a Great Weekend!


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