Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage Inspiration: The {Fabulous} Ms. Lena Horne

The Details: One shoulder dress; A cuff bracelet; Post style earrings; Gorgeous hair
The Details: Halter dress; Detailed bust; Post style earrings; Short hair
The Details: Shear overlay; Post style earrings; Updo hair w/accessory
Year: 1940
The Details: Draped strapless dress; 5 strand pearl necklace; post style earrings; short hair
Year: ?

{A re-post of the legendary singer who passed away Sunday, 5/9/10... Rest In Peace Ms. Lena}

I have 3 words for Ms. Lena:

Her look is utterly timeless.

If you don't know about the legendary singer and actress, Ms. Lena, read her bio here. My granny & late grandpa loved this woman :-)

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