Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inspiring Colors: Two Shades of Pink + Gold

Pink and gold will always be one of my favorite color combos. The gold adds elegance to the playful girly pink.

Left to Right:
1. Shoes by ASOS Premium.
2. Invitations by Parrot Design Studio.
3. Necklace by Grace Christie Designs.
4. Interior design by Jan Showers and Associates.

I can't help myself, so, more pink and gold to come :-)


bridechic said...

OMG! Such great eye candy. Thanks for the inspiration!

nina said...

:-) I love it, too!

candi said...

I love pink and gold too. I bought a vintage lamp that's coral and gold, and I am so happy I did. If only I could decide what color to paint the walls and I'd be set :)