Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow Your Bliss

Happy Monday! :-)

I have the pleasure of owning this lovely piece of art entitled "Follow Your Bliss," created by the talented Irene Suchocki. It hangs in my hallway so that every morning I get my gentle nudge to do exactly that...before the chaos of the day begins.

So...are you following your bliss?


Sam said...

I think that is a really important question to ask yourself. I just wrote it down on a post it and hung it on my fridge.

Thanks for the share -- beautiful etsy site by the way. Just looked at your lovely items again this morning.

Would really love to feature you sometime if that would be alright.

nina said...

You're welcome...I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for the compliments...*of course* you can feature me :-)